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In the hustle bustle of the modern world can we not stop and concentrate on the fact that how lonely we have become. We all walk on the face of this earth as a solitary being and will transcend the world in a similar. The time we spend living our short lives should be worthwhile. For making each moment count, we all need a companion with whom we can share our happiness and tragic moments alike. I, Richa Gupta, thus extend my hand towards you. It is entirely upon your discretion whether you want to take it or not. If you are looking for a friend for splitting with your porosity, then I am the appropriate person for it.

Myself being a call in Dasihar knows how many people resort to going for an escort service in Dasihar to escape their lives for some time and live in a world of fantasies. The customers expect that we, the call girls will fulfil their wishes and befriend them as our own. People suffer from utter depression due to their lifestyle. They feel they are locked inside themselves, and they feel claustrophobic in their lives. The desk jobs take away their freedom of imagination, so these emotionally deprived people come running to us in search of love, friendship, and alliance. I am an independent girl from Dasihar, and the path I have chosen was wholly upon my discretion. I feel very proud of myself that I can help the people who need my time so that they can calm down and explore their presence in this world filled with billions of people and each one living their life in oblivion. Everyone desires some enjoyment, fulfilment, acknowledgment, and solace in their lives. For this, I have come up so that the crest fallen ones can again be given the hope of coming back to life from the walking and talking corpses that they have become.

I am a woman of the liberal mindset. Being an escort has never been a shameful fragment of my life. It is immensely thrilling for me to be able to meet new people, know about them and sometimes become a part if their lives. A lot of people come and go, from people in business to working-class men, they may forget about my contribution in providing them comfort, but I never forget each one’s story. Every story influences my life in a certain manner, and I learn a lesson from each one. Incompetence is not the fault one single person but of a lot of people around. With companionship comes healing of the sullen heart and thus I feel, being an escort in Dasihar bridges the gap between us.